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  • A photo of a Rite Aid store.
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    Courtesy of Rite Aid

    Rite Aid adds same-day delivery through Grubhub

    The drug store will offer delivery from around 2,000 stores in 16 states through the popular app.

    By Nov. 23, 2022
  • CBD
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    Retrieved from Infusionz LLC website.

    FDA issues more warnings over CBD. Should c-stores be concerned?

    The warnings target five companies selling CBD-infused products that the agency said may be mistaken for traditional food and beverage items and that, in some cases, are appealing to children.

    By Nov. 22, 2022
  • A photo of a person in a 7-Eleven sweater sitting on stairs.
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    Courtesy of 7-Eleven

    7-Eleven to offer a year of free delivery during Black Friday

    New Gold Plus members who sign up between Nov. 25 and Nov. 28 get free shipping on over 3,000 items, including food and alcohol.

    By Nov. 18, 2022
  • A photo of wine being poured into a glass.
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    Carl Court via Getty Images

    Alcohol trends point to big growth in premixed cocktails, healthier wine, report says

    While healthier-for-you and low-alcohol wine sales have grown 35% through Q3, according to Catalina, hard seltzer declined 29% during that period.

    By Nov. 17, 2022
  • A photo of a shopping basket of items, many of them with 7-Eleven branding.
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    Courtesy of 7-Eleven

    Inflation is helping c-stores extend their private labels

    While store brands only account for 8.7% of c-store sales, they've outpaced national brands in all three quarters of 2022 so far.

    By Nov. 15, 2022
  • Several packages of Hershey chocolate products, including York, Kit Kat, Reese's and Hershey brand candies.
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    Courtesy of Hershey

    Mondelēz and Hershey CEOs: Snacks are an ‘affordable’ luxury amid inflation

    The companies behind brands including Oreo and Reese’s increased their sales forecasts last week, as consumers have shown the willingness to pay more for their treats. 

    By Christopher Doering • Nov. 8, 2022
  • CBD
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    Leon Neal via Getty Images

    What happened to CBD in c-stores?

    The pandemic and a hazy regulatory environment stymied the category just as it was taking off. But experts believe CBD can rebound in 2023 and beyond.

    By Nov. 8, 2022
  • An illustration shows several cars parked alongside electric vehicle charges with a large sign in the foreground that reads, "BP pulse gigahub."
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    Courtesy of bp pulse

    BP and Hertz expand EV fast charging plans with hubs at US airports

    Ride-hailing drivers, Hertz car renters and the public will be able to charge up at hundreds of locations in the U.S.

    By Dan Zukowski • Oct. 28, 2022
  • A person shopping in an Amazon Go store.
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    Stephen Brashear via Getty Images

    C-store owners need to be more nimble, survey finds

    About 74% of c-store owners believe they need experiment more with new ideas and adapt to changing shopper expectations, according to a report by Incisiv and Toshiba.

    By Oct. 28, 2022
  • A photo of an electric car charging symbol on a wall.
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    Brendon Thorne via Getty Images

    How 7 c-store brands are investing in EV charging

    As more electric vehicles hit the road, convenience stores are starting to add charging stations to stay top-of-mind for travelers and those needing to top off.

    By Oct. 27, 2022
  • Circle K and cannabis retailer Green Thumb to debut marijuana dispensaries in Florida

    The rollout will include 10 dispensaries adjacent to Circle K convenience stores.

    By , Oct. 20, 2022
  • A photo of wine being poured into a glass.
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    Carl Court via Getty Images

    Two Colorado proposals look to expand alcohol sales at c-stores

    Proposition 125 would allow wine sales at convenience retailers that already sell beer, while Proposition 126 would let them use third-party delivery apps to sell alcohol.

    By Oct. 17, 2022
  • Bang energy drink
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    Thai Phi Le/C-Store

    Bang Energy’s parent company files for bankruptcy

    After court battles with PepsiCo and Monster, Vital Pharmaceuticals owes more than $400 million to the two beverage companies. It said its partnership with the soda giant caused its market share to decline.

    By Christopher Doering • Oct. 11, 2022
  • Show floor at NACS 2022 with Anheuser-Busch and Celsius signs
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    Thai Phi Le/C-Store

    C-Store Dive’s coverage from the NACS Show

    In addition to all the pizza, candy and beef jerky, this year’s show served up a lot of valuable insights on the state of the industry, and how to meet growing trends like electrification.

    By C-Store Dive Staff • Oct. 10, 2022
  • Woman looks at labeling on grocery items
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    Aja Koska via Getty Images

    Inflation has more people bargain hunting than ever

    Shoppers are increasingly likely to shop around and are becoming more comfortable with logging in and joining loyalty programs, according to findings from data analytics firm Dunnhumby.

    By Sam Silverstein • Oct. 6, 2022
  • Trolli Sour Duo Crawlers, Snack Pack Fruity Pebbles, Laffy Taffy Fruit Combos
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    Thai Phi Le/C-Store

    From Cinnabon Jumbo Snax to Mandarin Marshmallow Celsius drink, 7 innovations for c-store shelves

    Coca-Cola’s limited-edition Sprite Strawberry Lymonade — inspired by its Freestyle mixes — and Milky Way Cookie Dough were among several products turning heads at the NACS Show.

    By Thai Phi Le • Oct. 5, 2022
  • A busy NACS Show floor featuring Monster Energy drink booth
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    Thai Phi Le/C-Store

    How 4 food and beverage companies plot their c-store strategies

    Conagra, Ferrara, Coca-Cola and Kellogg discuss their game plans for working with convenience retailers to maximize shopper conversions. 

    By Thai Phi Le • Oct. 4, 2022
  • gopuff goodnow
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    Permission granted by Gopuff

    Gopuff launches health and wellness private label line

    Goodnow, the instant delivery company’s second private brand, includes pain and allergy medications, at-home test kits and more.

    By Oct. 3, 2022
  • A person holding a shopping cart stands in front of a row of refrigerators stocked with food at a grocery store.
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    Michael M. Santiago via Getty Images

    Inflation is a tougher challenge for vulnerable older adults, survey says

    While rising grocery prices have affected most people ages 50-80 in the U.S., those who are less healthy, have limited formal education or have lower incomes are impacted particularly hard, the University of Michigan found.

    By Sam Silverstein • Oct. 3, 2022
  • Couche-Tard and Fire & Flower open third cannabis store adjacent to Circle K

    The companies plan to have 10 cannabis stores operating adjacent to Circle K locations within the next year.

    By Sept. 30, 2022
  • Molson Coors, Coca-Cola, cocktail, topo chico
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    Courtesy of Coca-Cola, Molson Coors

    Coca-Cola, Molson Coors expand partnership with RTD cocktail launch

    Topo Chico Spirited, the third drink to be introduced since the companies started working together in 2020, will debut in more than 20 markets across the U.S. in 2023.

    By Christopher Doering • Sept. 29, 2022
  • TXB
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    Retrieved from TXB website.

    TXB to debut private-label food, beverage and apparel products

    The line from Texas Born Stores, previously known as Kwik Chek, are all sourced, manufactured and packaged in Texas. 

    By Sept. 27, 2022
  • E. & J. Gallo, High Noon
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    Courtesy of E. & J. Gallo

    Sales of spirits-based RTD drinks top $1.6B in 2021, study finds

    The category’s popularity is eclipsing that of hard seltzers, and states are pushing to change retail laws to capitalize on the opportunity.

    By Christopher Doering • Sept. 23, 2022
  • Examining a grocery receipt
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    LordHenriVoton via Getty Images

    Price increases are weighing on food volumes, IRI finds

    As CPGs pass along higher costs to consumers, a few categories have proven resistant to declines, according to an analysis of August sales data.

    By Chris Casey • Sept. 22, 2022
  • Casey's rewards program
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    Retrieved from Casey's.

    How Casey’s is growing its loyalty program

    The chain, which counts more than 5.5 million rewards members, is refining the data it gathers to improve its offers to shoppers, Art Sebastian, its VP of digital experiences, said at Groceryshop Monday.

    By Sept. 20, 2022